Kill The Welfare State Within Yourself

(With the Morning Musings series I speak as a philosopher and person out in the world, not as a therapist.) In life we have precious little time to learn, grieve, and grow as people. Most of us had our lives wasted away in public schools. Democracy, the currently extolled form of governance, is a situation where […]


Cynicism…Not Yet

(Morning Musing) The person who says openly with confidence that this current election “doesn’t matter” is a nihilist seeking to drag others into their cynical misery. They cannot empathize with nor embody Donald Trump’s best qualities and virtues, nor do they have the perspective and knowledge to understand he is singular in human history. They […]

Donald Trump

The Moral Cowardice of Non-Participation

(As with all my Morning Musings, here I speak as a philosopher and a person in the world NOT as a therapist.) Before we go anywhere here, I’d invite you watch the end of this Freedomainradio presentation:   It is continually amazing to me how many self-knowledge/philosophy inclined people are willing to speak up in […]


Confronting Abusive Parents: Trump Edition

One of the most powerful moments from the second Presidential Debate this election season was Donald Trump confronting Hillary and Bill Clinton on their abuses toward women in front of the whole world. Anyone who was confronted their abusive parents knows the visceral feelings of justice, courage, grief and redemption that come from such an […]


Americans Are Homesick

(I’ve decided to start a new blog series called Morning Musings where I give my candid thoughts on current events. My psychology/self-knowledge writings often go to book projects, so this is a different way of getting some good word out.) America is essentially becoming Mexico with a little bit of a Jihadist lemon spritz thrown […]